Hi. My name is Varderes, which in Armenian literally means “rose face”. You be the judge.

I am currently a Software Engineer at DNAnexus, a cloud-based bioninformatics startup in Mountain View, CA. My team is in charge of maintaining the platform’s tooling and infrastructure, establishing an effective DevOps culture, and ensuring the reliability, scalability and availability of the platform. I suppose much of what I do is transferable to other organizations and industries, but I am very passionate about bioinformatics. I believe advancements in this field will unlock nature’s greatest mysteries.

Software is my profession and my main love, but I have many hobbies and interests. If I’m not rolling around on the mats with my jiu-jitsu buddies, I am researching and writing about health and well-being or playing the drums. I also have a background in physics, so to keep my mind sharp, I spend a lot of my free time learning quantum computing and reading Feynman’s Lectures. The main reasons I put together this site are to share some of my ideas with the world, help other engineers with various problems I encounter, and give recruiters something to work with other than a one-page resume.